Universal Geek Podcast Discusses Pokemon Go

September 6, 2016

Thank you all for your patience while we revamped our podcast. We hope you enjoy the new format.

The Universal Geek podcast is now once a month instead of once a week. This makes the 90 minute runtime a bit more easy to consume seeing as you have 4 weeks or so to listen to it all. And instead of discussing geek news, which honestly there are so many blogs doing such a good job of it we barely can scratch the surface, we are doing ‘deep dives’ on specific topics.

This week, we are discussing the new mobile gaming sensation Pokemon Go.

Sit back and turn the stream to maximum bandwidth – the new Universal Geek podcast is about to start!

Record Date: 8/30/2016
Release Date: 9/6/2016

Panel: Bleu Caldwell, Jeff Couturier, Ryan Bond, Sean Francis

The General History of Pokemon from Video Game, Card Game, and Cartoon

The franchise was created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995
Shared between Nintendo, Game Freaks, and Creatures – Nintendo owns the trademark

Originally a pair of games for the Nintendo Game Boy.


Created 1995 Target audience born 1985 (10 year olds)

That audience is now in late 20’s/early 30’s (25 to 35)

  • They are parents now!

The Security/Privacy Issues of Pokemon Go


Using AR Games like Pokemon Go for Marketing and for Criminal Activity


Pokemon Go and Fitness


Pokemon Go: Nostalgia Fueled Fad or The New Trend in Gaming?


Harry Potter Go?


Pokemon Go Fading?


Loyola Dunes Pokemon Problems


and community:


Heavy Metal Jigglypuff:

Pokemon Go Questions

What has been your exposure to Pokemon in general before Pokemon Go?

Do you play? What has your experience been either playing or observing other’s play?

Do we need to begin developing a code of behavior when it comes to games played in public?
(compare to geocaching, Frisbee, street hockey, skateboarding, etc.)

Do game makers need a code of acceptable gameplay they encourage within the game?

Should there be regulation on apps/games limiting what information they collect?

Do games like Pokemon Go create a new kind of criminal activity?

Do games like Pokemon Go create a new kind of marketing activity?

Does Pokemon Go actually have an effect on fitness?
(Dance Dance Revolution?)

Is it just a nostalgia fueled fad or is it helping pioneer AR gaming?

What will Pokemon Go need to do in order to sustain itself over time?

What is the next trend in Augmented Reality gaming?




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