Universal Geek is a podcast about all things geek.  This means games, art, food, culture, technology, movies, tv, zombies, aliens, robots, various apocalyptic scenarios, bacon, pudding, bacon pudding, rainbows of the double variety, kittens, zombie kittens, computers, hacking, kitten hackers, pirates, ninjas, and the Whedonverse.  But that’s not all… but that is all that will be listed here at the moment.

We are Chicago geeks interested in geek culture and have turned our random conversations into a podcast for nerds, geeks, and anyone who might have geek tendencies.  When asked to describe this podcast, we tend to describe it in vague terms – saying it is a pure geek version of This Week in Tech but the truth of it is we couldn’t decide if we wanted to be a comic book podcast, a boardgame podcast, a technology podcast, a science fiction and fantasy podcast, or some other niche and settled on trying to cover all things geek. We aren’t experts, we aren’t journalists, we are geeks who read a lot, think a lot, laugh a lot, and sometimes drink a lot.

We hope you join us and enjoy the show!

Your hosts on this crazy journey are in alphabetical order:

Bleu Caldwell

Gadget girl, Designer, Artist, and Geek.

Jeff Couturier

Coder, Designer, Web comicist, and Geek.

Sean D. Francis

Tech guy, Writer, AV nerd, and Geek

You can sit back and enjoy the show or lean in and join the chaos that is Universal Geek.

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