Universal Geek Podcast 179: The Truth About Time Travel

August 11, 2014

Episode 179 of Universal Geek Podcast revisits many old topics with an old friend. Kyle Akerman joins us again to discuss the geek news of the day and drop his own two cents on these geeky topics.   Some of the old topics we return to are Outlander on Starz, the play Of Dice and Men which has recently been turned into a movie, and our general griping about Facebook.

Don’t clear that buffer, sit back, and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to leave your comments for us, share this podcast with friends, and definitely don’t forget – it is okay to geek out when you are passionate about something.




Of Dice and Men at GenCon

There are 2 ways to enjoy Of Dice and Men – as a play and as a movie


Tech Stories

Congress Edits Nabs Snowden Edit

On the Media: Robots (b)

Hackers Go After Rachel (b)


Entertainment Stories

Internet Cat Video Festival – September 6 at Metro with special appearance by Sarah Donner

Babylon 5 Could be Rebooted as Feature Film


Other Stuff Stories

Chirp Radio w/ Kyle Ackerman



Question of the Week

Do you watch cat videos and if so, what is your favorite? #UGQOTW


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