Universal Geek Podcast 110 | Be a Boffin


Episode 110 of Universal Geek Podcast delves into the upcoming Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo and the Chicago Nerd After Party. Listen to Jeff, Bleu, and Sean bemoan the lack of geeky news and then go off on a tirade about Fox laying down copyright law on Browncoats, Google’s plan for your death, and why Penny Arcade’s Strip Search may not be the best thing for webcomic artists.


C2E2 Chicago Nerds After Party :


Google Building the Star Trek Computer – For Realsies

Jayne Hat

Deciding he Fate Of Your Digital Stuff After You’re Gone

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Ryan Browne’s God Hates Astronauts – book release (j)

• link to Challenger’s Comics GHA event page

Beercades: Headquarters (j)

Lawyer Who Went After TheOatmeal Forced to Pay 46K

Goodbye LucasArts (j)

Trying not be irritated by Penny Arcade’s Strip Search (j)


Standard DVD player hacked into a laser-scanning microscope (j)


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