Universal Geek Podcast 107 | Game of Killer Bots and Thrones

March 25, 2013

The best part of recording Universal Geek is getting a chance to talk about so many of the things I love talking about. That is the essence of geekdom, isn’t it? Loving stuff so much that you can’t not talk about it with your friends?  This week we settle in talk more about people’s bizarre luddite reaction to Google Glass, services that create fake tweet screenshots, and games. Lots of games. This is a very game centric episode.  Strap on your joystick and hit the start button!


Don’t Glass and drive — lawmakers seek to ban Google Glass on the road (b)

Stop The Cyborgs



Apple Security Exploit


HBO is Looking At Offering HBO GO to non-Cable subscribers

JBabb Easter Comic

Tabletop Day

Mozilla’s game_on challenge
• Fight Code – create a robot with Javascript and fight against others. (j)
• Bombermine browser game (j)
• Code Injection hackable game (j)

9 year old girl making an RPG & makes 27 times her KS goal with 26 days to go. (j)

UPDATE: Ugh, this is looking more and more like a big scam by a serial scammer: http://www.reddit.com/r/bestof/comments/1axqxe/redditor_explains_why_the_mom_using_reddit_to/

“Pipe Trouble” gas pipeline game causes a stir. (j)
• the game

Sweatshop HD is the latest victim in Apple’s war on serious games (b)
“Sweatshop” game banned from the Apple store (j)
• the game

The Rise of Webcomics | Off Book | PBS (b)

Stripped, the comic documentary http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/smallfish/stripped-the-comics-documentary


Largest indoor vertical farm opens in Chicago (j)

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