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April 9, 2012

Coming off the epic but not released Episode 57, Bleu and Sean discuss Felicia Day’s (@feliciaday) Geek and Sundry YouTube Channel in detail, mention Chris Hardwick’s (@nerdist) YouTube channel, talk about Small Demons, Rick Bayless, C2E2, Mass Effect 3, and Google Glasses… and why people seem to have such hate for them.

Felicia Day’s Geek Anthem ‘I’m the One That’s Cool’ Blasts Through Amazon Charts
REVIEW: Table Top Episode 1 – Small World

Nerdist YouTube Channel Launches with Bowling, Puppet Apes, and Weird Al

The Power of the Player – Player Dissent Forces Bioware to Makes Changes to Mass Effect 3 Ending

Flying-car maker Terrafugia hoping it takes off

More Details About Google Glasses
Google reveals its Project Glass(es)
Ridiculous ‘Google Glass’ Video Ripe For Parody
ADmented Reality – Google Glasses Remixed with Google Ads

The New Serendipity

Take Your Obsession to a New Level: Fantasy Cookbooks

From Bayless in ‘Cascabel’ to Achatz at Next, all the tables a stage
Rick Bayless in “Cascabel”
Care for Romance and Acrobatics With Your Seviche?

Foodies At Large: Chef Stephanie Izard At C2E2
C2E2 Dinner

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