Fit to be Geek

March 12, 2012

Bleu and Sean dive into the sticky subject of Geeks and fitness.  Do you know what happens when geeks decide to get fit? They make fitness into games.  We aren’t talking about Wii fitness… we are talking about turning the act of running into ‘running from zombies’ whether in app form or in a real life Run For Your Life 5k.  Or geeks turn martial arts training into Jedi training.

Other topics covered are the prices of ebooks, the new IPad and South by Southwest.  All good stuff!

Geek Fitness
Geek Fitness Challenge (Bleu)
Zombies, Run! Fitness App and Game for Iphone & Android  (Sean)
Run For Your Life : Zombie 5K (Sean)
Jedi Martial Arts (Sean)

Amazon Publishing to sell series of ebooks outside the Kindle Store (Bleu)
Necessary Evil? Random House Triples Prices Of Library E-Books

Forget LTE — the real iPad wireless story is Bluetooth (Bleu)
Not so ho-hum: iPad pre-sales sold out worldwide in two days
The new iPad looks good but is hardly revolutionary

SXSW 2012 Apps Buzz Is Location, Location, Location (Bleu)
Glue for your cloud services keeps your inbox cleaner
Which Startups Are Breaking Out at SXSW?
Hottest new apps out of SXSW 2012
Highlight vs. Glancee at SXSW: Rolling with the serendipity

One comment on “Fit to be Geek

  1. Wanted to let you guys know that I have been an semi-active 5k runner for the last few years but this year I have been slacking off this season and this podcast has inspired me to get off my butt for this year and start running again. I will probably pick up the Zombies, Run app when I get back into 5k shape. I did run the Warrior Dash last year, it is one of those obstacle 5ks, and my buddy went with me for morale support but we decided to geek it up if he runs it with me this year by dressing up as super-hero’s my friend would be Batman and I would run Spider-man.

    Have a geektacular day!

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