Universal Geek Podcast 247

X-Files, Football, and a Flat Earth Universal Geek Podcast Episode 247


Welcome to February, geeks, and welcome to episode 247 of the Universal Geek podcast. Get ready to talk X-Files… and football. Did you know we have to consider Football a fandom now? Is anyone writing football slashfic? I guess we have to be accepting of the mainstream culture in the ever tolerant Geek Cultural Universe.

Are you feeling my ire?

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Universal Geek Podcast Episode 246

Carrie Fisher, Crime Fighting Robots – Universal Geek Episode 246


Hey geeks, we have put together another awesome show.  For the next fifty minutes, you are about to hear how Carrie Fisher is fighting ageism in Hollywood, about Sony’s continued lack of understanding of the men and women who call themselves gamers, and a lot more.

Sit back, relax, and join us on a journey to a land of crime fighting robots, artificial intelligent homes, and Summer Glau.

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Universal Geek Podcast Episode 244

The Force Awakens – Universal Geek Podcast Episode 244


Happy New Year, geeks. We hope the new year finds you in good spirits. We return from our hiatus and we are eager to talk about one thing: Star Wars. As we’ve pointed out before on this podcast, Star Wars is one of the pillars of geek culture so it stands to reason it is something we desire to discuss.

Do not listen to this episode if you fear spoilers. We hold no punches as we’ve been dying to have a frank and open conversation about The Force Awakens.

We also have a reminder about the Universal Geek Book Club. This month we are reading KoKo Takes a Holiday.  Go ahead and read it and join us in discussing it in February!

Universal Geek Podcast 243

The Circle, Serial, and Google Fiber Episode 243



Hello Star Wars Geeks, this week’s Universal Geek podcast is filled with all sorts of wonderful news for nerds. We talk about a book about a world without privacy, the return of a very popular podcast (not ours, we didn’t go anywhere), the return of a not very popular superhero, Christmas stories read by a popular author, the nature of art, and Star Wars marketing.

Sit back and enjoy another episode of Universal Geek, the geek culture podcast devoted to all the things geeks love to geek out about.

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