Universal Geek Podcast Episode 240

Stormtrooper Stories, NaNoWriMo Episode 240


Do you prefer clicky pens or twisty pens? Do you write on a typewriter, laptop, or holographic VR system? This week on Universal Geek, Kristen Noon joins Sean to talk about NaNoWriMo.

Before we talk NaNo stuff, we have to make sure everyone knows about Stormtrooper Stories at The Pub Theatre.

When we get into NaNoWriMo, Kristen and Sean talk about their challenges, what they would do differently, and talk about whether they will attempt NaNoWriMo again in the future.

Sit back and releax as we talk about the anxiety of writing.

Geek Podcast Episode 239

Warcraft Movie, Mothership Zeta, Star Trek, Star Wars Episode 239


Greetings geeks. Please enjoy the latest episode in the little geek culture podcast we like to call… Universal Geek. In this geektastic episode, we discuss the new Warcraft movie trailer, the sci-fi/fantasy e-zine Mothership Zeta, the new Star Trek television series, and Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars….

Stay tuned, nerds!

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Universal Geek Podcast Episode 238

Interview with Dawn Xiana Moon of Raks Geek Episode 238


Hello geeks, nerds, and everyone else who might be listening. This is episode 238 of the Universal Geek Podcast – the preferred podcast of the discerning geek and this week we had the absolute please to speak with Dawn Xiana Moon, the founder, producer, and director of Raks Geek – a belly dancing and flow arts troupe.

She agreed to be interviewed about Raks Geek, giving those who are unaware a peek at what to expect from one of their productions and a little bit about their process and their performers.

Sit back and enjoy the next twenty minutes and when you are ready to purchase your ticket for one of these performances, you can check out the links below!

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Universal Geek Podcast Episode 237

Guild Hall, House of Leaves, 23andMe Episode 237


Are you ready for another episode of your favorite geek podcast? Great, because we have another episode all set for you. This week Bleu and Sean talk more about the nerd wonderland that is Guild Hall in Savannah, Georgia.  They also go into a discussion about House of Leaves, a clever book by Mark Z. Danielweski.  Sean then puts on his conspiracy hat and talks about how law enforcement might be able to use the DNA you’ve submitted to online services to match with DNA from unsolved crimes.

Get ready to geek out!

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