Universal Geek Podcast 226: Teenage Male Fantasy

Universal Geek Podcast 226

Oh, hey there, we are just getting things organized for today’s session. As you may have noticed, there wasn’t an episode last week.  I have no excuse. I just didn’t record one. It is summer and I was hot and Bleu and Jeff had other stuff to do and I just kind of said, “I’d […]

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Universal Geek Podcast 225: Tech Goes Zhooom!

Universal Geek Podcast 225

UG: Our name is Universal Geek, how may we help you? Guest: Are you a bot? UG: Maybe we are a bot in your fantasies. Guest: I don’t have weird fantasies like that. UG: Why don’t you have fantasies like that? Guest: Because I’m not weird. UG: Do you enjoy being not weird? Guest: I do, and […]

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Universal Geek Podcast 224: Crypto Never Killed Anyone

Universal Geek Podcast: Crypto Never Killed Anyone

Hail, geeks! This week on Universal Geek Podcast, we have a discussion about Ellen Pao and Reddit, how the FBI Director doesn’t understand how encryption works, and Han Solo! Sit back and enjoy, Geeks, this one is for you! Link to this post!

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Universal Geek Podcast 223: Attack of the Swarmbots

Universal Geek Podcast 223

Happy July, Geeks. This is the 223 episode of Universal Geek, the podcast that groks geek. How do we do that? Well, we start with future tech and end with niche communities. What is the filling in that delicious geek cookie sandwich – how about killer robots, sci-fi TV, and a brief discussion of logos […]

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Universal Geek Podcast 222: The Hello Kitty of Drones

Universal Geek Podcast 222

Episode 222 of Universal Geek is filled with hope for the future. Seriously! Look, there’s been a lot of doom and gloom out there but today we talk about fake blood that could save lives, turning the demolition of author’s homes into a weird side business, drone law — drone law in this country – […]

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