Universal Geek Podcast Hiatus

Hiatus is a frightening word, but really all it means is due to C2E2 and other life stuff, we felt we couldn’t produce a decent episode this week. Instead of assaulting your ears with a low quality recording from the floor of the convention or rush through an ill-prepped solocast, it was decided to give […]

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Universal Geek Podcast 214: Something Robotic This Way Comes

Universal Geek Podcast 214

Greetings, salutations, and good day dear listeners. Welcome to the 214th installment of a little podcast we like to call Universal Geek. We are the podcast geeks love to geek out to. This week we are geeking out about Star Wars, like all the other geeks on the Internet. Star Wars, Robots at the Museum […]

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Beer Diary: Green Flash Beers

Beer Diary with Kristen and Sean

In this episode of Beer Diary, Kristen and Sean go a little bit crazy and sample 4 beers! The first beer they sample is a call back to the second episode of Beer Diary where they drank Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Double Latte made with Ninkasi Brewing. The other 3 beers they sample in this […]

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Universal Geek 213: Cross Platform Compatible

Universal Geek Podcast 213

Hello geeks, it is time for your favorite show – it’s Universal Geek time! This week we learn the problems with talking about podcasts is we lack the words to talk about them. I mean really, if the Batman television series was a podcast they couldn’t have said, Tune In Same Bat Time and Same […]

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Universal Geek Podcast 212: Push the Button

Universal Geek 212 Push the Button

Geeks of the world unite, for tomorrow we shall read! You won’t know it by the show notes but Bleu and Sean spend a good amount of time in this episode of Universal Geek talking about books, book clubs, and book reading strategies. Do you have a strategy on how you read your books? We […]

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